Leather Dresses and Eco Leather Dresses Spring Collection 2017

Leather is the most suitable material for spring. Skirts, dresses and jackets of any style and any color. Russian accent promises to take care of your look. Choose any dress you like, click here to contact us and discuss the details of tailoring and shipping. Our clients adore our quality and appreciate the style we suggest. Here are some of our client’s oders they are wearing already. If you want something like this, Russian Accent is happy to make the dresses of your dream to be true.

We can create any dress you like. Here are some ideas and hints to make you closer to the dress of your dream.


And don’t forget about the colours. We can suggest nearly any colour! We recommend the colours of 2017 season:

Airy Blue          Sharkskin         Bodacious        Potter’s Clay      Spicy Mustard

       Riverside       Lush Meadow     Dusty Cedar      Warm Taupe     Aurora Red

Spring is coming. Spring is the same everywhere but you are unique.

Italy or France, Poland or Russia … Spring is welcome everywhere. It brings beauty to our streets, puts on smiles on faces and makes girls look for some new outfits.

Have you been a good girl all this winter? Sure, you haven’t boxed up too much sweets. You even tried to drop in to your local gym regularly between your jobs. Now look at you! You are like a goddess and you deserve the best. The best spring ever with Russian Accent is awaiting  you.

Our designer leather jackets and skirts are available at all colours and will be tailored to fit you perfectly.




What is a bag?

What is a bag? It is much more, then a piece of cloth or whatever. It can be a friend and a right hand helper. It carries the burden of all your whims, keeps deep inside all your secrets.

Bags are always with you. Different shapes and styles, wickedly varied colours and materials. From sports to clutches, from leather to wood. Yes, it’s not a misprint. Yes, I’m seriously. Wood or birch bark, to be more exact, is a new eco opportunity for your stylish look.


Wedding 2017

The biting cold shouldn’t prevent you from looking great at your wedding. Winter or early spring – we know how to manage that! Stylish vests or jackets will make your romantic look complete. White furs will turn you into the real queen of your celebration.

Happy moms and kids 2017

What is happines? I keep asking myself but answer is rather obscure and, of course, personal. But every mom knows exactly what happiness is. A happy kid is a happy mom. It’s like a mirror, reflecting everything what is nearby.

Just look at them. A happy family. And they look so stylish in our vests. 



Trendy colours 2017

Do you have favourite colours? As a schoolgirl I wore only black. Than were mainly jeans clothes or khaki. But now it’s really hard to tell. So if you have pet ones, lucky you are! You can easily decide between lot’s of colour choices, grab the article you need and go for a coffee. I am not so plucky.

The colour institution Pantone is the guide in this tricky world of shades. So, here are trendy colours 2017.

Let’s go.

Airy Blue        Sharkskin       Bodacious      Potter’s Clay    Spicy Mustard


Riverside     Lush Meadow   Dusty Cedar    Warm Taupe   Aurora Red


Kinda low-key rainbow. But these shades are amazing. You can find something to your taste. If you are a fan of green – Lush meadow is what you need. Red? Amazing Aurora is here for you. And of course black and white are as always incontestable classic.

Look, how I combined Airy Blue and Spicy Mustard and got nice casual style.airy-blue

Coats 2017 or time for magic

Magic coat. It can be tailored exactly for you. Oder this piece of marvel just in few steps: contact us, make your choice and get it.

But now I wanna tell you about Russian winter. Actually, I hate cold weather. What about you? If so, you need to drop in for a latte to a coffee house and wrap up in a warm blanket. But the uncomfortable temperatures don’t mean that winter is horrid. Winter is magic, Xmas, st. Valentine’s day, presents and time to say love u to your dearest and nearest.

And what is winter for you? Have you ever felt the magic of it?