Trendy colours 2017

Do you have favourite colours? As a schoolgirl I wore only black. Than were mainly jeans clothes or khaki. But now it’s really hard to tell. So if you have pet ones, lucky you are! You can easily decide between lot’s of colour choices, grab the article you need and go for a coffee. I am not so plucky.

The colour institution Pantone is the guide in this tricky world of shades. So, here are trendy colours 2017.

Let’s go.

Airy Blue        Sharkskin       Bodacious      Potter’s Clay    Spicy Mustard


Riverside     Lush Meadow   Dusty Cedar    Warm Taupe   Aurora Red


Kinda low-key rainbow. But these shades are amazing. You can find something to your taste. If you are a fan of green – Lush meadow is what you need. Red? Amazing Aurora is here for you. And of course black and white are as always incontestable classic.

Look, how I combined Airy Blue and Spicy Mustard and got nice casual style.airy-blue


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